About Glasnost

Glasnost (and a Pair of strikers) is a new site for quality writing, and focused discussion, on Scottish football. Its aims are to provide thought-leadership and to stimulate insightful debate on all issues relevant to improving the state of our national game.

In keeping with the spirit of glasnost, the site is open to all – and contributions  are strongly encouraged. Articles submitted for publication (and comments on articles) will be moderated to ensure relevance, quality and legality.

Anyone wishing to write an article for Glasnost should send a brief abstract, either via the contact page or by emailing: glasnostandstrikers[at]gmail.com

Glasnost was created to provide a forum for sensible, mature and constructive debate on Scottish football. Genuine debate is a two-way interaction requiring that:

1. opinions put forward are supporting by facts and by reasoned argument, enabling others to form the same view or to identify in what respects they differ from it;

2. participants are open to persuasion by the reasoned arguments of others.

Presenting an argument on a point on which you are not prepared to change your opinion under any circumstances is not debating. It is propaganda. If that’s what you wish to engage in, all power to you – but please do it elsewhere. And, just to be clear, arguments of the following form do not qualify as “reasoned”:

Many of us are passionate about our national game. However, foul, offensive, abusive or inflammatory language will simply not be tolerated.

Despite its name, Glasnost (and a Pair of strikers) has no Marxist, communist or, for that matter, any other political leanings.

(The picture of Hampden starting to fill up, for the 2006 Scottish Cup Final between Hearts and Gretna, is reproduced with the kind permission of Allan MacIver.)


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