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Box Seat or Back Seat? Scottish Football’s Staging Post

In our first article on league reconstruction, The Battered Bunnet looks at youth development, football finances and European regionalisation – and argues that radical reform is necessary. Advertisements

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A Case For…Summer Football (3)

In the final piece in this series advocating summer football, we address some objections to the idea of switching to summer football – and suggest some solutions.

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A Case For…Summer Football (2)

The second article in this series looks at how playing summer football in Scotland might positively impact on both TV viewing figures and on the ‘spectator experience’.

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A Case For…Summer Football (1)

In the first of a series of articles on reforming how the Scottish football league operates, we examine the pros and cons of playing football from the spring to the autumn (rather than through the winter). Let’s start our discussion on … Continue reading

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